Hello we are the Boom Road Bats. Our objective is to provide players to have fun as well as maximizing their potential and ability. We also apply confidence, respect and teamwork when playing the sport of basketball. Go bats!

We have our own basketball Rep team for players. Players at the Rep level must be committed to the game of basketball and must show exceptional skill. Players will be selected through try-outs at the beginning of the season. 

Bring Your Game to the Next Level! By joining the Boom Road Bats  

                                                 Practice Schedule 

Next Practice        

Season is finished. Thank you for an amazing season!


Please note: Every player on the 2016-2017 rep team must show for team practices.


The Boom Road Bats season runs from September to April. Please notify the team if you are unable to show. Some of our games and tournaments may require travel and parent involvement. 

                                                 Game Schedule

Next Rep Game               

Season is finished. Thank you for an amazing season!